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William Meyer 

Artist Statement


  Born In Panama, William Meyer has a diverse range in Painting Styles that range from Landscapes, Portraits, Impressionism, Surrealism and Contemporary abtracts. Meyers use of layering mixed media, brush strokes and textures have been greatly influenced and inspired  by  Old masters such as Vermeer, Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Manet, Goya, Richter, Rothco, Sargent, Mucha, Turner and Whistler.

  Many of Meyers Paintings are an ultimate attempt to balance his German Analytical mind with his Panamanian Spiritual side.

  Working with LEED Builders and Designers his company consisting of a diverse ArtistTeam,  Installs  Custom Decorative finishes across North East Florida in some of the most Elegant homes for Interior designers and Custom Home Builders. The Teams use of  low VOC Poducts has a less adverse affect on the environment. They consistantly promote the use of recycled Paints and Green products in their Artwork and faux painting. His artistic talent and dedication to reduce the carbon footprint that is often associated with these materials has won him multiple awards from various Recycled Art Contests. The Team currently installs custom finishes, venetian plaster, woodgraining garage doors, murals and Fine Art for both high end residential properties and commercial restaurant projects. Currently a member of the Decorative Artistans League.  Meyer Specializes in creating objects and spaces that pay special attention to the methodical process brought from close and continued collaboration with the owner, builder and interior designer. This Collaboration leads to pure dextrous, inventive, vivid, imaginative designs that unify strikingly innovative thinking about function with a deep respect  for the traditions of everyday living. Meyer has a prominant ability to bring distinct attention to detail and produce a vivid impression through sight and mind. His Creative use of materials, technique and detail  for texture designs is apparent in all of Meyers' Artwork.


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